Functional Shaker Hood Scoop

This is a new shaker I bought from WWW.PONTIACPLUS.COM I did not cut up the original shaker.  They ship it primed and a local shop painted it.  The new decals are from Phoenix Graphix.
The scoop looks like the 70~72 with the black flapper door. 
I was going to have door painted the scoop color but held off.

I don't know if I should paint it to match or leave it back...

how about a little red light inside...
This the most the scoop opens when the switch is depressed.
needs more clear coat
It is hard to get the bracket in the photo.  The one on the 
left is the bottom half and the one on the right is the top 
with the switch.
Another issue was a sticking gas pedal.  A small part of 
the bracket needed to be fine tuned with a grinder.
The switch needed some "adjustment" to come in 
contact with the arm of the pedal.  I used a small
section of hose and wrapped it with tape. 
Works great.

As for "how does it work"? - Great!  Only three draw backs:

The scoop will open just about 40% at when opening the throttle at select speeds and RPM.  When you get the feel of it, it's a blast. Yes, we have samples of the sound!  PLEASE keep in mind this is a stock automatic 10th with 145K miles.  Use the Windows Media Player - not the Real Player.  Real Player cuts off the last 2 seconds!
Zoom Zoom Engine off and the scoop opening with switch
I'm cold Cold engine, low rev of engine to hear slight opening
I'm still cold Cold engine, fully depressed to open with switch
Great Sucking Sound Driving at 35 MPH, slow throttle, sifting from second to third
Bog Rolling at 5 MPH and fully dressing the throttle
Hold on to the camera! Dead stop and "mash the pedal"
This is the BEST one! 1st gear 15 ~ 45 MPH no shifting
Posted on 10/25/2005

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