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Taken on 5/1/04

If you are looking at this site you should know what this car is all about - as to equipment and the 10th history.  Here are the details for this car not shown on this site:
PHS documented 

Sold new in 1980 in Davis, CA (8 miles from my home in Dixon) 

First owner was the manager of Vacaville Firestone - so the car was "Well cared for" 

In 1990 it was re-painted and at 100K miles was tossed in the garage 

About 1994 the 2nd owner picked it up and tossed it in his garage 

In 1999 he was forced to sell it with 124K miles on it and it went into my garage

Aftermarket modifications not shown or stated on this site:

What has been replaced since 1999: What does not work: Running:
Runs great and passes California smog with flying colors - I have all the past tests
T-Tops leak - they all do!
Nice cool running car.
This car is driven at least twice a month if it is not raining.  It is not a trailer queen - it a great driver.  A well cared for 25 year old car with 147K miles is better than one with 25K that sits.  Most that look it over think it only has 47K...

One re-paint no known body work and original owner said there was none; it was re-paint because the silver faded out bad.  The first owner's friend lives down the street and we have chatted a few times about the car...
The car is driven and does have road chips.  No door dings.  Driver's door has a spot were the screw from the window felt dented the door by the pin stripe.  If you lay on the ground you can see a scratch in the lower part of the driver's door.  There are some very small imperfection in the paint you will find when waxing or if I point them out.  Does fine at the car shows.

Thanks for looking.


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