Services Offered:

Net'n 2 It's is no longer in operation. However, we are interested in helping local non-profits, political candidates in Solano County.
Drop us an email and lets see what we can do for you.

How we can help:

Net'n 2 It offers basic web sites including help with; design, development, hosting, scanning and graphics. You submit the information you wish to post on your web site as text on CD, DVD or e-mail along with the pictures/graphics. Net'n 2 It will assist in develop the pages, layout and links. Please understand, this service is free, with one major addition - it meets our schedule.

About Us:

Net'n 2 It was a home based business. We now meet with non-profit clients and the work is done on weekends. With this schedule it is best to e-mail to contact us. When all else fails use snail mail.  Feel free to mail or e-mail us a hard copy of your ideas. We can rework existing sites to make them easier to navigate and faster to load!

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