Broken Rule II

Sold, off to the New Owner

broken rule 2

Time has come for Broken Rule Two to transfer to a new owner. Life has changed for us and we do not use her, so in order to keep her in perfect condition, we had to sell.

We take this website down, with the links above, shortly.






The brochure from 1961

1960 or 1961?

broken rule 2Broken Rue Two is a 1961 Constellation that was sold and registered as 1960, so the title states 1960. 1960 was the year the Smith family sold Chris Craft to a corporation. After the sale the new company made the boats more modern and went to flush decks. Gone were the clipper bows and round hatches. This model was the first to have fiberglass for the cockpit and cabin roofs. The round port lights in the forward cabin sides were new for 1961 and the 32' was the only one to have two round opening ports in the front cabin. However, these were a one model year feature as they were replaced with fixed glass in 1962. My guess is because they leaked badly. They are sealed shut so they will not leak. Also another one off feature for 1961 is the gold trim with circles used on the bow, cabin and cockpit. The hull card, known as a build sheet, shows what options the boat had, were it was shipped and when. The story is this boat and the 36' Connie with the CF number right before were sold together for a father and son or grandfather and grandson. Not sure, heard that from the nephew of the other boat. It is in the Delta in very good condition. Floor plan and spec's.

Little History

We came across and sold Broken Rule Two via Craig's List.

Wood Boat

broken rule 2If you are new to owning a wood boat I recommend you search the web for information. After owning a wood boat, we would find it hard to go back to fiberglass. It feels solid, softer ride and moves less at anchor and in the marina. We got seasick on our 24' 1995 Four Winns at anchor but never on Broken Rule. We have taken out people that get seasick on the dock - they were out for the day - anchored and floating fishing - never got sick! And, if you get a hole or crack in wood - much easier to repair and just as strong - not so with fiberglass. Much easier to paint and you cannot varnish fiberglass. Safe to say, any future boat will be wood; until trees are grow from fiberglass. D.N. Hylan & Associates has a great article on the maintenance costs of wood vs. fiberglass.

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