Different stripes, yes!

The stripes removed from the car were three separate stripes of equal size. As you can see in picture below, the red is removed and the charcoal has been doubled up to match the wing tips. This pictures also shows how well the PG (Phoenix Graphix) stripe matches to the wing tips (it is over laided to show size).

In the next picture you see the new stripe compared to the existing stripe on the door where the mirror is mounted. This picture was sharpened to show the size difference. It is not fair to compare the color of the stripe to the 9 year old bird, the stripe is vivid!

In the last picture the S&S (Stencils & Stripes) stripe on the left and PG stripe on the right. The S&S stripe has a solid silver backing and the red and charcoal is applied to the top. It is unknown if the existing stripe is GM or S&S. The core on which the stripe is shipped on was all the same for the existing (had some left over) and both S&S and PG stripes.

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The car looks a lot better with the correct stripes, wider charcoal and thin tomato red!

Interested in how the old came off and new went on?

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Posted on 5/28/2000